The KasualDad Story

Hi, I'm Frank, welcome to KasualDad!

Who am I:

A husband to the love of my life and father to 3 amazing children. Two boys and one girl: one in college, one in high school, and one in her terrible two's. Professionally lady luck provided a long career in technology working with revolutionary high impact non-profits. My fantastic twisting journey through fatherhood and adulting instructs me every day to enjoy the ride while it's happening, not with suffering the stories in my head.

How did it Begin:

KasualDad stated a few years back. I made videos, some people laughed but, with yet another kid on the way, I didn't pursue the project further.
Fast forward to 2020; the media tells me the world is burning and, who knows what the future brings. So, with a tremendous amount of love and support from my wife and children, I am launching, our slice of the American Dream.

What is KasualDad:

KasualDad is my place to risk showing the world my art, comedy, and designs while building an authentic community daring to laugh at ourselves and parenting with compassion